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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Dickinson, ND

Vinyl flooring is one of the fastest growing flooring categories on the market and it’s been increasing in popularity for decades. Today’s vinyl floors look identical to natural hardwood, tile, and stone as a result of high-definition imaging, and the specialized embossing that goes along with it. Some of our most popular vinyl collections feature ultra-durable surfaces that are resistant to warping when exposed to water and heavy traffic. Luxury vinyl is also hypoallergenic and very easy to clean. At Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Floor & Home in Dickinson, ND, we are your destination for premium vinyl flooring.


Types of Vinyl

While in the past the only type of vinyl available was sheet vinyl, today there are luxury vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. Luxury vinyl planks look just like real hardwood and come in the form of long planks that vary in size and width. While real hardwood planks are created using oak, hickory, maple, mahogany, and other natural wood, vinyl planks are synthetic. They have a decorative wood look layer that gives the floor its natural appearance. Luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in square modules that mirror natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic.


Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl may remind many homeowners of dated kitchen flooring, but a lot has changed over the years and sheet vinyl has been constantly improving over time. Sheet vinyl usually comes in 12-foot-wide rolls and leaves virtually no seams. It’s popular for businesses and homeowners who want to capture the look and feel of stone or hardwood, with the affordability and easy maintenance of vinyl.


Luxury Vinyl Planks vs Hardwood

Whether natural wood or luxury vinyl plank flooring is better for your space depends on your needs. Luxury vinyl planks are more budget-friendly and easier to install than hardwood. They’re also more scratch, stain, and dent-resistant typically. Perhaps most importantly, LVP flooring is water-repellent and can handle humidity and spills much better than hardwood. In fact, you can install waterproof vinyl planks in bathrooms and kitchens without an issue.


Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

A smart and stunning option for bathrooms and kitchens, waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is also a fantastic all-around product for places where pets and toddlers roam freely. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is intended to make life easier and more beautiful. Even the most stubborn stain-offenders are no match for waterproof luxury vinyl. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring has a watertight surface barrier and seams that lock out leaks to protect your subfloor. Many of our products also have a durable core layer that stabilizes the floor and prevents warping in humidity.


Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?

After you have found the perfect luxury vinyl floor for your next project, the next step is having it installed. Although we know our customers can be DIY enthusiasts, you run the risk of going outside of your warranty as well as the potential of making costly mistakes if you do not have your floors professionally installed. Our team here has the experts when it comes to flooring and installation, so we help take the stress out of the process.


You can install luxury vinyl all throughout your home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even the living room. Its durable and resilient qualities mean that vinyl can stand up to most everyday challenges like dirt, scuffs, and spills. Luxury vinyl floors can also stand up to heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for hallways, entry ways, and mudrooms. There are many ways you can install luxury vinyl, such as glue down, click lock, and loose lay. Speak with one of our flooring professionals about which installation type is best for you and your home.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

We’re your local flooring store and the best source for all the latest products. Whether you’re looking for the best vinyl plank flooring near you, or want an affordable stone vinyl floor, we are here to help. We feature top vinyl brands like Invincible™ H20. Visit our showroom in Dickinson, ND. to speak with one of our flooring experts or to browse our selection of vinyl products.


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